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Leo is 97% foundation and is carrying two of the World’s best father and son duo’s in the cutting horse industry, combined with Race Legends to complete the full package. Leo is AQHA registered, NFQHA and FQHA. He is the typical Foundation Bred Quarter Horse with heavy muscling, strong forearms and stifles, a short back and rarely standing 15 hands, he has a wide kind eye, well defined jowls and good feet.


Leo is 14.3 and is 1250lbs. He is very smart and very quick on his feet even at his ripe ole age!  He was born June 15, 1996 and is also a bay.

His foals have been consistent with baby doll heads, powerful chests, huge hips and of course color. They are also bred to do it all and look good doing it with the will to please.

Legendary Sires:

King P234

Hank H

Poco Bueno

Poco Tivio

Tonto Bars Hank

Sparta Tiveo

Blue Sparta



100% Foundation Bred. Standing at Stud

Stud fee for 2023 $750.00

Live Cover only

Mare Care $12.00 a day


Trax was foaled in 2012 and is NFQHA and  AQHA registered, he is a red dun with 23.5% Poco Bueno and 23% King P234 and also 50% Little Steel Dust blood running threw his veins and a COI of 17.40%.


Trax arrived here in May of 2014 as he came here from  Dawson’s Creek BC. We bought him as a stud prospect and as of 2016 he has proven himself as a sire! Trax qualified for the Steel Dust Horse Association stud book.

His sire, Jaz Poco Silverado has ROM in reining and is the son of the Legendary Little Steel Dust! Traxs dam, Jaz Poco Tiara is a daughter of Little Steel Dust and a maternal granddaughter of Continental King.


This nice young Stallion is about as Foundation as they come!

Amazing Demi shot.jpg


Stud fee for 2023 $800
Live Cover only
Mare Care $12 a day

WildWoods Foundation Quarter Horses would like to introduce to the Quarter Horse Industry


a 98% NFQHA, 5 panel N/N Grullo Stallion.

Born in 2018, homozygous for the dun factor gene, his sire,
IJ Steeldust Poco and his dam, IJ Poco Demi who were both bred by the IJ Bar Quarter Horses in Alberta, Canada as well as Demi (as we call him). His breeding highlights the Foundation Sires of the original old style quarter horse.

Poco Bueno  32%
Little Steeldust  31.25%
Pocos Grey Comet  28%
King P234 21%
OI 16%

We have exposed Demi to two of our 100% Grullo mares, Jaz Poco Candy and WildWoods Tiara for 2023 foals.

IJ Dynastys Demi will be standing to a selected hand full of outside mares under breeding contract for the 2023 breeding season. For more information, Contact Us and come have a visit, coffee is always on!

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