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Leo is 97% foundation and is carrying two of the World’s best father and son duo’s in the cutting horse industry, combined with Race Legends to complete the full package. Leo is AQHA registered, NFQHA and FQHA. He is the typical Foundation Bred Quarter Horse with heavy muscling, strong forearms and stifles, a short back and rarely standing 15 hands, he has a wide kind eye, well defined jowls and good feet.


Leo is 14.3 and is 1250lbs. He is very smart and very quick on his feet even at his ripe ole age!  He was born June 15, 1996 and is also a bay.

His foals have been consistent with baby doll heads, powerful chests, huge hips and of course color. They are also bred to do it all and look good doing it with the will to please.

Legendary Sires:

King P234

Hank H

Poco Bueno

Poco Tivio

Tonto Bars Hank

Sparta Tiveo

Blue Sparta

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